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Girl with Braids

Abeka Curriculum

Abeka’s preschool curriculum features a traditional approach to teaching and learning, cross-subject integration, spiral review, and plenty of hands-on activities. It’s no wonder the Abeka program has helped thousands of preschools successfully prepare children for a lifetime of learning. Read more below.

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2 year 


Preschool learning for two-year-olds goes beyond playtime. With Abeka, children are introduced to foundational academic concepts with the help of Amber Lamb and Button Bear.

Love of learning

The Abeka preschool curriculum turns play time into learning time, laying a strong academic foundation that prepares each child for the next level of their educational journey.

Biblical worldview

Not only is there a preschool Bible curriculum as part of the Abeka program, our entire program has been developed from a Christian worldview, planting seeds of faith in children all through the year.

age appropiate

Abeka is an age appropriate curriculum for preschool that takes into consideration the differences in motor skills and cognitive abilities among preschoolers. With Abeka, they’ll experience early success at realistic learning milestones.

engaging and fun

Any early childhood education program should recognize that preschoolers yearn for hands-on activities. The Abeka preschool curriculum fosters preschool learning with colorful, durable resources that invite lots of child involvement.

Cap & Gown Graduation for our 4 and 5-year-old students.

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